Private labeling

Discover the limitless possibilities of private label packaging with GebuVolco!

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your own (house) brand and expand your business in the world of screws? At GebuVolco, we understand the crucial importance of your brand identity, which is why we offer you the perfect solution: high-quality private label packaging for screws.

With our years of experience and expertise in the screw industry, GebuVolco has developed a concept for you that is not only financially attractive but also provides a sustainable solution that contributes to your sustainable development goals.

Whether you are a building materials trader, a DIY store, or another player in the sector, we can help you create a unique private label experience that seamlessly aligns with your brand.


The benefits

Why choose GebuVolco as your private label partner for screws? Here are some of the benefits we offer:

  • Quality and reliability with over 75 years of experience in our industry.
  • Extensive range of private label options.
  • Assurance of CE marking on your brand.
  • Screws of very high quality from a top-tier factory in Asia with various ISO certifications in quality processes of their production.
  • Flexibility of GebuVolco in organization and logistics.
  • Low entry point: A private label packaging is accessible for you with the purchase of just one carton of screws.
  • Stock holding (also under your private label).
  • Competitive advantage with your private label compared to the competition.
  • EDI capabilities from order receipt to order confirmation, packing slip, and invoice.



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