GebuVolco is ready for the electronic processing of your orders. Would you like to send in your orders electronically? Please contact our sales department +31 181 - 33 00 00 or We can also send you the order confirmation, delivery note and invoice via EDI.



Benefits EDI electronic order processing:

  • The accuracy in the processing of your orders is increased. As a result, due to error-free booking of your orders, there is less chance of errors in the delivery.
  • Flexible ordering moments so you can order at any time, regardless of GebuVolco's opening times.
  • Always direct sending of order confirmation by e-mail but also through EDI possible. This gives you immediate proof of order processing and processing by GebuVolco of your order. Feedback of an order confirmation via EDI enables an automatic processing in your system, resulting in a reduction in processing costs.
  • Receipt of packing information by e-mail or possibly through EDI is possible with which you are informed in advance of all details concerning the a.s delivery, such as the total weight, number of boxes or pallets and of course the numbers per article line.
  • Receipt of invoice by e-mail or possibly through EDI is possible, allowing a quick financial settlement.
  • Because GebuVolco can take care of a complete EDI processing from your order to the invoice, we promote sustainability.
  • It is possible that item data traffic, including prices, will take place via EDI in the future, which in addition to faster availability of the correct data may also reduce processing costs.